As trustee, I will be committed to quality education that will prepare our diverse student community for success. My plan is to:

  • Advocate for equitable support and opportunities for ALL students 
    I will advocate for inclusive schools that support the diversity in student abilities and disabilities which include more educational choice and learning platforms.
  • Promote student mental well-being 
    Educators have an important role in supporting student mental well-being. I will advocate for more training for teachers and support more school-based social workers and mental health professionals. Bullying and domestic violence are sources of mental ill-health in students. Particularly, 47% of Canadian parents have reported having a child bullied. Based on this staggering statistics, I will advocate for proactive anti-bullying initiatives for student safety and well-being. 
  • Advocate for a COVID-19 Recovery plan for EPS 
    Students and their families have faced unprecedented challenges during the pandemic. We need to develop a COVID-19 recovery plan which assesses the impact of learning disruptions and social isolation with the goal of restoring vibrant classroom learning. 

On Monday October 18, Vote ESTHER EKPE.​​